The World Wide Web is a research tool, an international magazine on every subject and a necessary advertising vehicle for your products and services. It is easier and faster to use the Web to find a business than it is to use the Yellow Pages. And you your customers get much more information. Your corporate identity on the web is at least as important as your corporate brochure -- and perhaps more so, because when a potential customer uses a search engine on the web, if you are present, you get their attention.

In today's business environment, your presence can go beyond a "brochure on the web" -- we can start with a simple, informative site and take your company all the way through on-line publishing and on-line commerce.

Search Engines- Just being on the web isn't enough, you must be found.

Domain Name Service - Just like the sign in front of your business, your internet presence is a sign post for your business.

Intranet and Extranet- Create an environment where only the people you select can have access. Use an intranet as an in-house communications device or as a private network just for you and your customers.

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