Voice mail? Old news. Want to get a message to someone that will get attention? Send an e-mail -- with a "zero cent postage stamp". Get the advantage of being open 24 hours a day, anywhere you happen to be. BCN will take your organization, no matter what the size, and give you the appropriate e-mail solution.

Electronic Mail - Send your message to an individual or a group. In the next office, in the next city or the next continent.

Mail Groups - This is an excellent way to handle idea sessions or track group activities.

Newsgroups - Complete access to specific news and interest groups.

Paperless Fax - Send faxes directly from any system on your network through a single modem line. Incoming faxes are distributed to the appropriate individual automatically.

E-Mail to Fax - When your e-mail messages are hot, the system will track you down and fax them to you.

IVR with Pager Commands - The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system allows you to place messages in a mailbox that are translated to voice for retrieval by phone.

Page on Message - Your e-mail will automatically page you if a key word is used in a message to you.

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